Sunday, December 24, 2006

How to Eat a Woman's Vagina

This article is for members who want learn how to properly eat a woman's vagina, or who've heard that it might not be all that bad to put their face down there, and for women who want to get their man to eat them period, improvement in performance can come later.We are not experts. Simply women who knows what we like, and has had all too many experiences with men who didn't seem to have the vaguest idea what they were doing between her legs.Straight or Lesbian, eating pussy an art.Eating a woman's vagina is about the most wonderful thing you can do for her. It makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and of course it makes her cum like crazy.

Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for most, it's the easiest way to cum with a man. You may have the littlest cock on the planet, but if you give great head, you'll be appreciated as a fabulous lover. Yes, it's that important. Besides, lots of women expect it these days so you might as well get to know what you're doing. Studies show that 90 percent of married couples under 25 give head and for couples over 50, at least 55 percent of the men are eating vagina, with 95 percent of the men and 82 percent of the women enjoying it.Many guys seem to have a strange love/hate relationship with women's genitalia.

Guys that can't wait to get their cock into one are often reluctant to put their face "down there." For every guy who says he loves to eat vagina, there's another one who's squeamish. Women know this, and it affects their ability to lie back and enjoy the experience.This is for you gals. Before you can get him to eat vagina for the first time, you need to get him worked up about the idea, that is, get him to think about sex for a few minutes, but don't do anything to make him cum yet. He's got a sex switch in his brain that turns on when he sees a woman, especially a naked one, and turns off as soon as he cums, this is why who does what first can be very important in the beginning, less so as the two of you mature.

Fortunately, it won't take much to get him to eat you the first time, just undress and ask him to, let him look at your vagina for a while, show him your clit and let him play with it, promise him a good fuck afterwards or a blowjob if you've read the second section, if he seems the least bit interested straddle his head and rub your bush over his face.What's Down There?This is for you guys. Most men don't really know what they've been sticking their cock into. Many women also don't appreciate what they have, and can't understand why a man would think that it was beautiful, let alone want to put his face in it.Why would a man like to eat vagina? Most men I know who really love women and want make having sex with them a joint endeavor rather than a conquest, also like to eat vagina. They don't want to just eat her, they want to bring her to a great climax and then build her up for a fuck that neither will forget, or maybe get a good blowjob if that's what she wants to do. I think that there are two basic reasons.

First, many men want to give their woman the most sexual satisfaction they can, they enjoy pleasing her and will go to great lengths to do so, the more their woman likes what they are doing to her, the harder their cocks get until sometimes they cum just from eating her. The second is the role that the mouth, tongue, taste and smell play in sex. Why do people kiss? They receive pleasure from the interaction that takes place during a kiss. The mouth, lips and tongue are some of the more erogenous zones of the body and are active rather than passive, you do something with them. You nibble on her ears, kiss and suck on her nipples, kiss her navel, why not kiss and suck on the most sexual part of her body, her vagina. The tastes and odors of the fresh secretions from a clean healthy woman's vagina are also erotic to many men. Put this all together and your mouth in her vagina is where it's at guys.

Now that you've got your woman out of the shower, on the bed, and fairly well warmed up (or she's got you there), stop and look at what you see. Leave the lights on, or get a flashlight or something, so that you can examine her carefully. Take a good look at what's between her legs. Beautiful, isn't it? There's nothing that makes a woman more unique than her vagina. I know. I've seen plenty of them. They come in all different sizes, colors and shapes; some are tucked inside like a little girl's cunnie and some have thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some are nested in brushes of fur and others are covered with transparent fuzz.The first thing you see is her muff. It should be the same color as the rest of her hair but who knows these days. It has a slightly different texture than the hair on her head and can cover a large or small area but usually just up over the mons area, that fleshy mound over her pelvic bone, and down each side of her vagina to its lower end. It usually does not spread out to her thighs and has sparse growth partially onto the outer lips.Don't worry, looking at it won't make you go blind. Nestled in the midst of her muff are the outer, or major, lips of her vagina (they are vertical on all women). They are not overly sensitive to touch on the outside (but it's a good place to start), about the same as the shaft of your cock.

They extend from the upper part of the hood that covers her clit to more or less the bottom of her vagina. They're thick and luscious in the middle and thin out at each end blending into her body. Some are almost closed while others are open to varying extents, allowing the inner pleasures to peep through. They don't generally come together completely at the top, exposing the upper cone of the clitoral hood, and less so at the bottom, giving you a glimpse of the bottom of the vaginal entrance where the lower parts of the inner lips surround it.Underneath the outer lips are the inner, or minor, lips. These are much thinner, more sensitive and fun to play with. At the top they form the cone-shaped hood that protects the sensitive clit, closing in under the clit and then coming back out to continue down to the bottom of the vaginal entrance. They tend to blossom out between the outer lips, especially near the bottom.

Between the underside of the clit and the bottom of the vaginal opening lies the vestibule, your new playground. Although the clit's hood is a part of the inner lips, they appear to only cover the vestibule. The urethra and vagina open into the vestibule. Excluding the obvious first place role of the clit, it's the vestibule and the entrance to the vagina where a lot of the action takes place.I've saved the best for last, the clitoris or clit, accent on the first syllable. Most of you know it, but for those who don't, it's THE woman's sex organ, period. It may feel great to be fucked vaginally or otherwise, but if the stimulation isn't right there, on the clit, you're ignoring the place that's going to make her cum, and presumably that's why you're reading this, right? It's right there at the top juncture of her inner lips, a small knob of pink flesh. This is where it's at boys, and don't forget it. Almost any licking and sucking of the labia or vaginal entrance are going to feel just dandy; just remember that's pleasurable, teasing, not the main event.

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